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World-Class Movers – Or Not

We’re taking advantage of some late-autumn down time to head across the Pacific. That’s right! We’re making our way to Japan to see how things are done over there in the moving business. Not surprisingly, they’ve got it down to an impeccable science. We’ll also make a stop in South Korea for a peek into a truly uplifting high-rise move-in experience, then pass through Russia for a quick tutorial on how not to move stuff into a third-floor apartment. Finally, back stateside, we’ll take a look at some of our own home-grown moving ingenuity.

Feel free to put your seats in their reclining positions, and please enjoy the flight!

First stop: Fukushima, Japan

Our movers have arrived right on time and in minutes are ready to load up. This particular move is the separated-at-birth twin of the portable storage pod deal; the customer pays a flat amount for a 4.5m2 padded container on wheels which our driver and his young assistant will very politely cram full of whatever is thrown at them. Weight does not matter, space is the sole parameter. Once full, or once the customer has run out of stuff to throw, the container is shut, and strapped to the wall inside the truck.

Before leaving the driver confirms delivery date, time and address on a pre-printed order form, and provides receipts for pick-up and the customer’s payment. Notice no inventory sheets have been filled out. The customer’s container will remain closed as it is rolled off this truck and into a warehouse, onto another truck and all the way to destination – in this case 200 hundred miles away in Nagano Prefecture. On the back of this truck – and on the back of every company truck – the name of the driver is displayed on a magnetic placard. (Today’s driver is Tatsuya Kitagawa.) The honor system is firmly in place here in Japan.

Of course, Japan is equally impressive when it comes to customer service, and there are certainly moving companies offering full-service moves, as evidenced in this video.


Without a doubt, the Japanese are particular about their shoes – which is interesting considering how they are always taking them off.

On to South Korea

In Korea, as in Japan, space is quite limited. Doorways are small. Elevators are small. Apartment buildings, however, go up and up, in the only direction there is room. So how to get a customer’s belongings up to that shoebox on the 15th floor ? We got a glimpse of it in Japan, but let’s take a better look across the water, in two parts, here and here:

We do wonder what they do when the wind picks up.

Siberian Express

Now we move across vast Asia and into Russia, where we see in this clip the magic of physics and gravity in motion.


No big deal. The thing was probably already broken.

Back in the USA

And finally, we return to good old Murrica, where people don’t need heavy machinery, only some string and a lot of guts.

Movers. Out there. Getting the job done. Wherever ‘there’ may be.

Unless ‘there’ is spelled R-u-s-s-i-a, of course.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight today. Please return your seats to their upright positions, and come back and see us next month!


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