Tracking your Home’s Memories

hashtagMoving Day.

Your first night in your new place.

The first time you entertain.

Tackling your first DIY project.

The before, progress, and after photos of your kitchen renovation. 

Bringing home baby for the first time.

In a perfect world, these photos would be taken, organized, labeled, and even printed into a coffee table book for guests to flip through and enjoy. Although we all have great intentions when it comes to our family’s photos, following through on these plans isn’t always a reality. Busy days and life’s endless demands tend to put “getting all of these cell phone photos organized and printed” to the bottom of our to do list…. permanently.  Iphone-pictureSo how can you track your home’s memories without investing a ton of time and effort? Answer: a hasthtag. #yesyoureadthatright. <– That kind of hashtag.

Hashtags are taking social media by storm as a way to track a common topic across social media platforms. Hashtags aren’t only for large cap companies and TV shows, they can be used for your family and your home too. Utilizing a hashtag on all of your family’s and/or home’s photos will help you easily track this collection of photos. Here are the 3 simple steps to make these hashtags work for your priceless memories.

1. Brainstorm a hashtag for your family, home, recent move, renovation adventure, vacation, wedding, etc. 

2. Include that hashtag on any and all photos you post to your social media accounts that align with this specific topic (home memories, family memories, vacation memories, renovation updates, moving day, etc.)

3. Search your hashtag every once and a while and enjoy the collection of photos you have collected without any work organizing. #memorylane #gottalovetechnology

Here are some collections of hashtags that document all kinds of home and family memories. What will you choose to document?!


Bathroom Renovation Progress via Bliss at Home

hashtag5Wedding Memories

hashtag-001Travel Memories

So what do you say? What’s your hashtag going to be for your upcoming move or house renovation? #jumpaboardteamhashtag


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  1. Great ideas here! Technology allows us to share photos faster and easier than ever before. It’s fun to make folders of “first memories” like this. Thanks for sharing!

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