Favorite Essential Products for Moving Day

Move Day Essentials

Top 12 Moving Day Must Haves

Your phone can NOT lose battery.
You need to have scissors within 10 feet of you at all times.
Music is essential… and so are snacks.
Washi Tape changes lives.
File folders are more famous on moving day than they are in your office.

I think we can all agree that having the right tools and products on hand is key to an efficient and organized move! Here are our top 12 favorite Moving Day Essentials and why we love these items so much. Continue reading


Moving Day: 7 Items you Need for the Big Day

Your big moving day is right around the corner, and you’re pretty proud because you’ve got this thing in the bag. Your stuff is boxed up, your moving truck is reserved, and you cannot wait to get into your new place. But hold the phone… are you really ready for moving day? Be sure you’ve got the following all on-hand and ready to go before those movers walk in the door…

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