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Photo of the Statue of Liberty

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July celebration, we thought it was only fitting to do a post with a little dash of patriotism. Why not chat about the good ol’ US of A in order to celebrate America’s birthday? And the icing on the patriotic birthday cake? We’re giving away one $100 gift card to Manready Mercantile – menswear & gifts made right here in the USA. (giveaway details at the end) Continue reading


Lost & Found – The Case of the Packed Cat

Cat Survives in a Moving Box 36 Days

You may have heard the story that’s been going around: A cat gets packed in a box and, after 36 days, arrives in its new home to the delight – and horror – of its owners.

That’s right. A cat packed away by movers in Suffolk, Virginia survives more than a month without food or water – in a cardboard box on a truck, in a container on a ship, and then on another truck, across the country and the ocean all the way to Hawaii.

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Where is Everyone Going? Moving Industry Migration Trends

And what does it mean for us in the moving industry?

United Van Lines’ 37th Annual Migration Study

United Van Lines seems to have a penchant for tracking industry-related trends. We here at HireAHelper are happy to go ahead and let them, particularly if they are then going to tell us what they found. (We like to call this ‘passive outsourcing’.)

Screenshot of United Van Lines' 2013 Migration Map

United Van Lines’ 2013 Migration Map

Most recently they chose to share with us the telling trend of where people are moving from and, in a skillful follow-up, where they are moving to. KEYE TV of Austin, Texas reports on United’s trend-spotting by highlighting the fact that the largest percentage of people are leaving the New York/New Jersey area. And where are they going? ‘West, South’ the headline states. (To us this was a bit anticlimactic since, as far as we can tell, almost the entire rest of the country is either west or south of New York.)

The couple interviewed by KEYE for this noteworthy piece of news moved from New York City to Golden, Colorado, citing the hustle and bustle, the stress and the high cost of living in the Big Apple as factors in their decision to split. Now they look out their window and see trees and mountains and, on a good day, the Coors Brewing factory. When asked if they’d ever move back to the northeast, they laugh.

But back to the subject at hand. United has found that the top eight destination states among their customers in 2013 cover a lot of ground, both west and south of New York. Oregon tops the list, followed by the Carolinas and Washington, DC. It seems surprising to at least one writer that South Dakota and Nevada are in there. More surprising is the fact that Texas edged out Colorado and yet the people at KEYE TV in Austin, Texas had to travel to Colorado to interview someone.

Atlas Van Lines 2013 Migration Patterns

If you aren’t operating in one of the states United identifies as having the most moves, whether inbound or outbound, not to worry. Atlas Van Lines offers some slightly different (and, unless you are in the Yukon, generally favorable) moving industry migration trends.

Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns Map

infographic: Atlas Van Lines

They break it down state-by-state and province-by-Canadian-province, but what’s most promising is their overall finding that the total number of moves they performed in 2013 turned out to be a 6% increase from 2012.

The upshot of all this? Considering there were 77,000+ moves performed in 2013, there’s clearly a lot of work out there. And as the industry continues to evolve and more customers migrate toward the DIY moving model, we’re going to keep on growing.

One day we may even move someone to the Yukon.


Movers Collaboration: Start Befriending The Competition

Choosing Collaboration Over Competition

“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin

Handshake Photo - Credit to Spot Us

As promised, this month’s post specifically for our helpers will break open the mystery of the power of collaboration. We’re going to break it down into three parts: equipment, manpower and knowledge. We’ll talk about working with other local movers as well as joining forces with your HireAHelper colleagues across the country. We’ll discuss resources. We’ll share a few bits about forums.

And we’ll finish with why none of us should be scared to reach out to that mover across town or in another part of the country.

But let’s start with this appetizing little feature.

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Real People: Cross Country Moving Comparison – Full Service Movers vs. Moving Labor

This tale of two moves is from Gabi Logan and is the latest installment in our Real People series.

In the last few years, I’ve had the (mis)fortune of moving clear across the country, twice. Before I was engaged, the man who would become my husband relocated from Boston to California for work (a.k.a. completely paid for) without me and I had to follow a year later on my own dime. Picture of the California Coast at Sunset

Just a year after I arrived in California, he had to move for work again, setting me up for my first full-service, cross country moving experience.

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