Real People: Corporate Relocation Overseas With Allied

Here is another adventure story in our Real People series. We’re simply re-blogging the intro below, but you should definitely go read Ingrid’s full story by following the link at the end. It has the pros and cons of using a full service corporate relocation company. Ingrid talks about the bureaucracy involved in allocating funds for certain parts of your move. She also includes some funny anecdotes as to why you should keep a close eye on your toiletries, and one very good reason to keep Ikea furniture.
Picture of Corporate Relocation Mover Packing Boxes

Corporate Relocation

This move is the first time that either of us worked with a corporate relocation company. Our experience has been interesting. In general, it’s been great having almost everything taken care of for us, but at the same time there are definitely also some challenges and interesting things that comes with a corporate relocation.

Read the rest of Ingrid’s story here…


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