Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power*

(*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA)

Our CEO, Mike Glanz (pictured below) is a pretty driven guy. None of us are sure how he gets so much done while pulling so many pranks.

Photo of HireAHelper CEO Mike Glanz Pulling a WheelieWell, his secret is finally out – and we decided to share it with the world. In an email sent out early this morning with the subject of, “FOOD – The secret to a marginally better day…” Glanz revealed that the secret to his superhuman work ethic is breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but a secret blend of just the right superfoods he calls, “Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power.” Here are two variations that give the CEO of a multi-thousand dollar web startup his gusto.

Photo of Squirrels Eating Breakfast

For the most amazing day proceed as follows: 

  1. Toast bagel on level 8/10.
  2. Spread butter on one side, the thinner side preferably
  3. Spread creamy peanut butter on the other side
  4. Grab banana, cut off top to peel, only peasants peel bananas with their fingers.
  5. Cut a few slices off the banana and put them on the peanut butter side of the bagel
  6. Eat rest of the banana before returning to desk (you are going to need you hands to carry your two mugs and plate)
  7. Make glass of red-bull-orange-juice
  8. Make a cup of coffee on medium cup size (preferably fogchaser) and pour Vanilla almond milk in until temperature is cool enough to chug

If you are having “one of those days,” and just need to wake up: 

  1. Grab piece of cinnamon sugar bread
  2. Toast
  3. Put enough butter on it to drown your sorrows.
  4. Drink black coffee extra hot. The pain numbs the senses.



Cute squirrel photo credit to Tom Harrington


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