How to Pack Small, Heavy Items (Heavier Than Heavy)

A Weighty Proposition

Down in the basement, a pile of big and small weight-lifting plates. In the garage, a collection of nails and screws, and wrenches and assorted tools we barely even recognize. Out back, stacks of patio bricks left over from last year’s home-improvement project.

Snow Covered Bricks

Dense, heavy stuff. And it all has to go.

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Lost & Found – The Case of the Packed Cat

Cat Survives in a Moving Box 36 Days

You may have heard the story that’s been going around: A cat gets packed in a box and, after 36 days, arrives in its new home to the delight – and horror – of its owners.

That’s right. A cat packed away by movers in Suffolk, Virginia survives more than a month without food or water – in a cardboard box on a truck, in a container on a ship, and then on another truck, across the country and the ocean all the way to Hawaii.

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How Do I Pack a Glass Lampshade?

Packing a Glass Lampshade

Survival Techniques

Packing your typical lampshade requires very few instructions: Use a big enough box. Cushion the inside with packing paper. Write ‘LAMPSHADE’ and ‘TOP LOAD’ all over the outside. There’s really not much more to it.

A glass lampshade, however, requires a much higher level of attention. And whether you’re dealing with an antique Tiffany or someone’s favorite keepsake the objective is the same: Pack it to survive Niagara Falls.

Here are 5 tips for Survival.

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‘Densifying’ a Book Box With Fragile Items – Move Expert Series

Photo of a Book Box

This post is part of our “How do I pack a ____” series – a set of posts written for our helpers by move expert Kevin Kato, focused on furthering their packing skills. As a customer, you’ll probably benefit by knowing how our helpers do things and pick up some money saving secrets on how to pack yourself.

Picture This…

This month we touch on the book box. The heavy, dense, bottom-load book box. The last place we want to put anything breakable or even crackable.

And we are going to take that book box and pack a few breakable, crackable items in it. Continue reading