Move For Hunger: Reaching New Milestones

Our favorite charitable organization hits the road!

Adam Lowy (right), exec director of ‘Move for Hunger’, and Jason Taetsch, PR director, load food that his group collected for the Monmouth-Ocean Food Bank….Bob Bielk/Asbury Park Press-7/25/11-Neptune

In the course of packing up and moving out of their homes people generally have three major questions: (1) When did I accumulate all this crap? (2) Which box is the remote control in? and (3) What am I supposed to do with all this leftover food?

We prefer to remain silent on #1, if we did your packing we can help with #2, and we are only too happy to give you a hand with #3. And by this we don’t mean we’ll eat your leftover food. Instead, we’d love to introduce you to Move For Hunger, the non-profit organization we’ve been proud to share an industry with for the past several years.

The Mission

As this article in the Asbury Park (NJ) Press explains, last year alone Move for Hunger “helped deliver 65,000 pounds of donations to food banks in Monmouth and Ocean counties, enough to provide 54,000 meals.” Adam Lowy, the organization’s founder and executive director, adds that nationwide they were able to keep well over one million pounds of food from being thrown out, redirecting it instead to food banks and other resources aimed at helping those in need. Continue reading


Sochi – Getting to the Games

Sochi Storage & Moving

Photo of Sochi Fireworks

Sochi Fireworks – credit to Abd allah Foteih

In keeping with the mounting Olympic spirit, we at HireAHelper wanted to bring you all a peek inside the Games, and what it might be like to be involved as a professional mover. Thousands of athletes, trainers and support staff. Games officials, security personnel and media types. Cossacks. All of them, from every corner of the world, heading for Sochi on the Black Sea. Who gets to move all their stuff? And how do they do it? Continue reading


The Secrets Behind Conference Expo Booth Domination

HireAHelper Wins 2014 AMSA Expo Best Booth

I woke up this morning to some exciting news – we won “Best Booth Overall” at the American Moving & Storage Association’s 95th Annual Education Conference and Expo! Our secret? Martyn’s smile (pictured above). Ok, so that’s not our only secret. We also put serious thought into how to attract passers-by and concise ways to get our message out clearly.  Continue reading


Survey Shows Most Move For New Jobs

Moving for Business

A delicious offer to be a plant manager of a large baked goods company swayed the Taffer family to move from Kentucky to Oklahoma.

“My husband had tried a different avenue, but the food industry is in his blood,” says Wendy Harrison Taffer, who, along with the couple’s two hound dogs and some of her college-bound son’s stuff (so “he’ll have it when he visits the new home”), will soon be meeting up with her husband who has already relocated. “I’m a pediatric RN and after 25 years of marriage, it’s always easy for me to find a job.” This time around, her husband’s bliss was at stake, after all, she reasons. Continue reading


Government Shutdown Affecting Your Move? Get 15% Off

NOT BREAKING NEWS: This just in a week ago, the government has shutdown.

It seems that by now everyone is fully aware that there’s a government shutdown. Even my little sister called me the other day to ask me what it was all about. (See what I mean?) Yet, it seems that most people haven’t really felt its effects. However, for those of you who have been affected by it, you know first hand what an inconvenience it can be, especially if you’re moving. HireAHelper has already begun to see cancellations because of the shutdown: Continue reading