Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power*

(*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA)

Our CEO, Mike Glanz (pictured below) is a pretty driven guy. None of us are sure how he gets so much done while pulling so many pranks.

Photo of HireAHelper CEO Mike Glanz Pulling a WheelieWell, his secret is finally out – and we decided to share it with the world. In an email sent out early this morning with the subject of, “FOOD – The secret to a marginally better day…” Glanz revealed that the secret to his superhuman work ethic is breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but a secret blend of just the right superfoods he calls, “Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power.” Here are two variations that give the CEO of a multi-thousand dollar web startup his gusto.

Photo of Squirrels Eating Breakfast Continue reading


Sochi – Getting to the Games

Sochi Storage & Moving

Photo of Sochi Fireworks

Sochi Fireworks – credit to Abd allah Foteih

In keeping with the mounting Olympic spirit, we at HireAHelper wanted to bring you all a peek inside the Games, and what it might be like to be involved as a professional mover. Thousands of athletes, trainers and support staff. Games officials, security personnel and media types. Cossacks. All of them, from every corner of the world, heading for Sochi on the Black Sea. Who gets to move all their stuff? And how do they do it? Continue reading


A Tuesday Smile “Portlandia: Bicycle Movers”

Because Tuesdays don’t have to be worse than Mondays, here’s a little moving industry-related laugh for ya. We know if you’re moving in Portland, this will be your favorite moving company:

UPDATE: The video was removed from the web for copyright violations (we didn’t post it, just had embedded it here to pass on the love). So, if you’re still looking for a Tuesday smile, here’s an encouraging post I found about a real move done by over 27 cyclists in Portlandia. Enjoy!


Books vs. Experience

Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach yourself. Sitting in a classroom is educational, but real life experience is different than writing a paper about it. Trial and error, previous experiences, and learning from the mistakes are things that make an impact on us obtaining knowledge.

Trial and error is a way to find out what works and doesn’t work. Try one phone system; it drops calls often. Try a different phone system, this one works better so stick with it. It may take a lot of time and money, but you will remember what you have learned, with proof from your own experience. You become better at something with experience and over time. The type of experiences we have also makes an impact. A bad experience will resolve in negative feelings, leading us to not chose that path again. Positive interactions will build our trust in those certain decisions or companies. It is these positive experience that cause us to come back again, looking for the same results.

Research through books can definitely help in the beginning stages and act as a guideline, but the experience you gain on your own accord is what is going to make a huge difference. Especially, if you are one of those people that doesn’t follow the rule book. This can apply to a lot of circumstances: if a parent tells a child not to touch the hot pan, that child is most likely going to still touch the pan. They know what the book says (in this case, mom represents the book), but they had to test it for themselves. After burning their finger, they will never again touch the pan. It wasn’t enough to just be told, they had to try it on there own and learned from their action. It was a beneficial lesson because they will never do it again. The books may be right, but the experience is living proof.

I’m not saying that books don’t work. I follow the books, but sometimes experiencing it on our own sticks with us a little more than the words on a page. Putting the two together, will give great results. The books are a foundation that can be built upon by gaining experience. Books give an idea of where to start and an overview of the knowledge other people have gained from experience.