Duda Loses, Mets Fans Win!

Hire A Helper Goes to Bat in a Pinch

Lucas Duda heads home. (via New York Daily News)

Lucas Duda heads home. (via New York Daily News)

Here at HireAHelper we are always looking for ways to beat back the negative stories about our industry by providing professional service, earning positive customer feedback and spreading goodwill all around. A few days ago we found the perfect opportunity to do something extra special in this regard, timed perfectly to honor May as National Moving Month.

According to the New York Daily News it seems Mets power-hitting first baseman (and…ahem…fellow USC alum) Lucas Duda was the target of a rob-job while the team was on the road. Before leaving town on April 6th Lucas handed his apartment keys to a representative of the moving company the Mets hired to move Duda while he was away. When he arrived at his new apartment on April 17th he found his door open and $1600 worth of stuff missing.

While this doesn’t shine a positive light on the movers no official statements have been made as to their possible involvement. Still, for someone fully involved in the moving industry and deeply committed to its success, this kind of story is tough to digest. But hey! I’m part of this country’s greatest marketplace for movers and I can do something about it! So even though we can’t do anything to help our friend Lucas (until his next move), we can jump in and help out his fans!

For the entire month of May we’ll be offering a free move* for each home run that Lucas Duda hits, home or away, win or lose, left field right field or deep to center. Here’s how it works: Continue reading


Move For Hunger: Reaching New Milestones

Our favorite charitable organization hits the road!

Adam Lowy (right), exec director of ‘Move for Hunger’, and Jason Taetsch, PR director, load food that his group collected for the Monmouth-Ocean Food Bank….Bob Bielk/Asbury Park Press-7/25/11-Neptune

In the course of packing up and moving out of their homes people generally have three major questions: (1) When did I accumulate all this crap? (2) Which box is the remote control in? and (3) What am I supposed to do with all this leftover food?

We prefer to remain silent on #1, if we did your packing we can help with #2, and we are only too happy to give you a hand with #3. And by this we don’t mean we’ll eat your leftover food. Instead, we’d love to introduce you to Move For Hunger, the non-profit organization we’ve been proud to share an industry with for the past several years.

The Mission

As this article in the Asbury Park (NJ) Press explains, last year alone Move for Hunger “helped deliver 65,000 pounds of donations to food banks in Monmouth and Ocean counties, enough to provide 54,000 meals.” Adam Lowy, the organization’s founder and executive director, adds that nationwide they were able to keep well over one million pounds of food from being thrown out, redirecting it instead to food banks and other resources aimed at helping those in need. Continue reading


Larry Cheng’s Insight Into Poverty And The Rule of Law

Larry Cheng shared some incredible insight he gained after speaking with some directors at International Justice Mission (IJM). His post gives an excellent look at why we at HireAHelper find it so important, when browsing through the list of non-profits to support, to get behind what IJM is doing. So we decided to reblog it here. Check-out the full content on his blog.

This weekend, I learned something fundamental and important about the plight of the global poor. I learned that for most of the global poor, they live in a world without the rule of law. What this means, quite simply, is that they live in a world where crimes committed against them go systematically unpunished. In fact, because their status in society is so low, crimes committed against the poor may not even be considered crimes at all, despite their patent illegality. Even worse, it is not uncommon for crimes to be committed against them by the very institutions we would expect to protect them – law enforcement (read more…)


Move For Hunger Road Trip!

Good morning fellow internet goers!

Logo of Move For HungerOn our last exciting adventure I told you all about a company called Move For Hunger – they collect canned food to benefit local food banks and feed hungry Americans. Today I am reporting that Move For Hunger’s crew just completed a road trip across America collecting food and visiting food banks! You can check out quick video updates from each stop and read Adam’s thoughts on his experiences at their Mover For Hunger Events page. Their last stop was Phoenix, AZ before heading home, back east. Please do your best to help the starving people of America and donate to your local food bank or contact the people at Move For Hunger. Even a little bit can go a long way!

Check out the most recent events and posts on their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/moveforhunger or read my write up about their cause. Check out some other people doing good for others.


Move For Hunger!

Have you ever moved and had a lot of leftover, unopened food that you ended up throwing away? Move For Hunger, founded by the Lowy family of Neptune NJ, was created to help starving families all over America. By networking an ever growing nationwide network of moving companies, Move For Hunger collects donated, unopened foods from families moving out of their homes and transports them to local food banks. Covering over 30 states and growing, Move For Hunger is quickly becoming an important source of food donations for many food banks.

Screenshot of Move For Hunger Coverage Map

Take a look at their coverage map (above) to find a mover near you that you can donate your extras to. Any amount helps out a family in need! All you have to do is contact a mover and they’ll come out to pack up the foods you want to donate or let you pack it. If you’re planning on moving, or will be moving sometime in the future, please remember Move For Hunger and donate your unneeded and unopened food. We admire Move For Hunger’s goal of helping to feed starving families in America!

Also, if you are a moving company interested in partnering with Move For Hunger, I’m sure they’d love to add you to their network.

What are some other creative ways you’ve seen people or organizations helping to meet needs in their community?