A Valentine for My Spouse House

Show Some Love to Your Home this Valentine’s Day

Show Some Love To Your Home This Valentine's Day

On this Valentine’s Day I’d like to join millions of other men and women in publicly professing my love for my house. Really. I mean it. I am one lucky duck. I have a wonderful, warm, fun-loving house. I can’t imagine my life without it.

We’ve been together since August of last year. I know, that’s not a real long time. And to be frank, it hasn’t been perfect. But relationships never are.

I was in kind of a hurry to find a house last summer.

I’d rather not get into all the intimate details but suffice to say I knew that if I waited too long all the good ones would be off the market. How nice it is then to live in the Internet age, where all I have to do is go online and search around for my perfect match. Continue reading


How to Pack Small, Heavy Items (Heavier Than Heavy)

A Weighty Proposition

Down in the basement, a pile of big and small weight-lifting plates. In the garage, a collection of nails and screws, and wrenches and assorted tools we barely even recognize. Out back, stacks of patio bricks left over from last year’s home-improvement project.

Snow Covered Bricks

Dense, heavy stuff. And it all has to go.

No problem. You know exactly what to do. Continue reading


Lost & Found – The Case of the Packed Cat

Cat Survives in a Moving Box 36 Days

You may have heard the story that’s been going around: A cat gets packed in a box and, after 36 days, arrives in its new home to the delight – and horror – of its owners.

That’s right. A cat packed away by movers in Suffolk, Virginia survives more than a month without food or water – in a cardboard box on a truck, in a container on a ship, and then on another truck, across the country and the ocean all the way to Hawaii.

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Wacky Moving Strategies From Around the Globe (VIDEO)

Redneck Couch Moving

World-Class Movers – Or Not

We’re taking advantage of some late-autumn down time to head across the Pacific. That’s right! We’re making our way to Japan to see how things are done over there in the moving business. Not surprisingly, they’ve got it down to an impeccable science. We’ll also make a stop in South Korea for a peek into a truly uplifting high-rise move-in experience, then pass through Russia for a quick tutorial on how not to move stuff into a third-floor apartment. Finally, back stateside, we’ll take a look at some of our own home-grown moving ingenuity.

Feel free to put your seats in their reclining positions, and please enjoy the flight! Continue reading