What If My Furniture Won’t Fit Down The Stairs?

Photo of a Couch off a Balcony 1

My first year of college, my roommates had an amazing giant couch they wanted to move in to our third floor apartment suite. The living room itself was big enough. Unfortunately, the 3 flights of stairs weren’t.

Luckily my roommates were engineering majors (aka insatiable problem solvers). They had the window disassembled and rope hung out the window opening within minutes.

We got an email this week from NES movers with some pictures of a recent move involving a similarly tricky multi-story furniture move situation. They handled it like the pros that they are! Continue reading


2014 San Diego County Fires Safety Tips and Alerts

Updated photo of San Marcos Fire from 3:07pm today (Thursday) from heresagem on Instagram:

Fire Map from 10news.com:

2014 San Diego Fire Map
With scorching temperatures, we are seeing fires in several areas across San Diego County. These fires have been unexpected as we are not yet in summer season. We live and work in Southern California (headquartered right here in Oceanside, CA). Our CEO, Mike Glanz’s wife and their kids were evacuated just yesterday from Legoland after it lost power due to the nearby fires. Governor Brown even declared a state of emergency in San Diego County. We’re seeing the smoke and want to help our neighbors be ready.

Here are some useful resources for you and your family:

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Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power*

(*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA)

Our CEO, Mike Glanz (pictured below) is a pretty driven guy. None of us are sure how he gets so much done while pulling so many pranks.

Photo of HireAHelper CEO Mike Glanz Pulling a WheelieWell, his secret is finally out – and we decided to share it with the world. In an email sent out early this morning with the subject of, “FOOD – The secret to a marginally better day…” Glanz revealed that the secret to his superhuman work ethic is breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but a secret blend of just the right superfoods he calls, “Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power.” Here are two variations that give the CEO of a multi-thousand dollar web startup his gusto.

Photo of Squirrels Eating Breakfast Continue reading


Moving With Kids? 4 DIY Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy On Moving Day!

Moving into a new house or apartment can be a huge undertaking. Moving with kids when you can’t afford the help of a sitter can feel like an impossible challenge.

Think about moving day from a child’s perspective:  hours spent watching parents wrap, pack, and label their household’s belongings; only to watch them unpack, unwrap, and store the same old things, in a new home. Boring!

Add a pint-sized dose of anxiety, brought on by having to start a brand new adventure in an unfamiliar space, and you have the potential for an unruly meltdown that can turn the normal stresses of moving into a parent’s nightmare.

Fortunately, with a little imagination and planning, parents can make moving day a family-friendly event. The following low-cost activities can keep your kids busy while you focus on your move. We even include some bonus ideas at the end of the post that we collected via social media – straight from you, the real parents.

Entertain them with tissue paper.

Photo of Tissue Paper

What child can resist a good art and craft project? Help your little ones make wall art for their new bedroom, using a poster board, tissue paper, white glue, and black yarn. Here’s how: Continue reading


Sochi – Getting to the Games

Sochi Storage & Moving

Photo of Sochi Fireworks

Sochi Fireworks – credit to Abd allah Foteih

In keeping with the mounting Olympic spirit, we at HireAHelper wanted to bring you all a peek inside the Games, and what it might be like to be involved as a professional mover. Thousands of athletes, trainers and support staff. Games officials, security personnel and media types. Cossacks. All of them, from every corner of the world, heading for Sochi on the Black Sea. Who gets to move all their stuff? And how do they do it? Continue reading