2014 San Diego County Fires Safety Tips and Alerts

Updated photo of San Marcos Fire from 3:07pm today (Thursday) from heresagem on Instagram:

Fire Map from 10news.com:

2014 San Diego Fire Map
With scorching temperatures, we are seeing fires in several areas across San Diego County. These fires have been unexpected as we are not yet in summer season. We live and work in Southern California (headquartered right here in Oceanside, CA). Our CEO, Mike Glanz’s wife and their kids were evacuated just yesterday from Legoland after it lost power due to the nearby fires. Governor Brown even declared a state of emergency in San Diego County. We’re seeing the smoke and want to help our neighbors be ready.

Here are some useful resources for you and your family:

Get Updates On Your Cell Phone


Tips to Quickly Evacuate Your Home

If you are evacuating, please lock all your doors and windows to avoid any theft or looting. Other than obvious essentials like food and water, make sure to also grab hard to replace critical items like: birth certificates, passports, identification cards, sentimental items etc.

Keep Updated On 2014 San Diego County Fires


Help For Your Pets


Post-Disaster Recovery Resources


SD Emergency App


Get Involved

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Please let us know in the comments if you’ve found more resources that we can share here, or any news of fires as they approach neighborhoods.


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