10 Awesome APPS for Moving

Dear Technology,

If we’re being honest here…. sometimes you make us a little crazy, but most of the time we pretty much love you. We are continuously impressed at how freakin’ smart you are; you really do put the “smart” in Smartphone. Thank you for always being there for us, always being so reliable, and always making life’s adventures a lot less stressful. Not to be creepy or anything, but we’re pretty obsessed with you. #likeliterally



PS. These 10 Smartphone APPS?! We totally owe you for making our recent move far less stressful. Thank YOU!


If the title of this APP doesn’t give it away, we don’t know what will.

Moving Day APP is an organized way to keep all of your packing and moving checklists in order on your Smartphone. For those who prefer an electronic file, plan, or to-do list, this APP provides all of that happy stuff in one smartphone APP. You can write memos, confirmation numbers, or little notes as you pack up your stuff. Heck, this Moving Day APP even allows you to track your boxes through a detailed inventory. No more rifling through every box at your new place trying to find that one item you absolutely cannot live without and somehow seemed to slip into the last box you open up.


Selling items before or after your move? Don’t put it off until… “you have more time”. Do it right now with the Craigslist Mobile APP. This APP will allow you to take photos and post your for sale items without the hassle of going through a long, tedious process. Snap a pic, enter the info and DONE! Because let’s face it, when do any of us “have more time” to take care of these loose ends?


Do the mover’s need to fill up on gas? Do you need to locate the nearest pizza restaurant to feed your family & friends before they become “h-angry”? Do you need to run to the hardware store and pick up a ton of tiny items you totally thought you had? The Around Me APP allows you to locate these places based on their proximity to your exact location. Type in “hardware store” and both of these APPS will provide you a list of hardware stores by proximity (customer reviews included) so that you can run out and get the things you need without wasting time getting lost. Hmmm… on second thought, maybe getting lost & out of some of that work load isn’t as bad as it sounds?

HOME GALLERY APP by Liberty MutualMoving APPS

Although this APP is by Liberty Mutual Insurance, anyone can download it for free. This APP allows you to take photos of your items and track their value (furniture, electronics, closets, jewelry, etc). It’s almost like taking inventory of all of your stuff using bar codes, product details, receipts, etc. Going through this process before you move can offer quite a few valuable perks.

1. You know what you have and how much it’s worth just in case an emergency happened before, during or after moving.

2. You know what you have and the product details (like color, size, etc.) so that when you’re out shopping for new stuff, you can match it or avoid double purchases.

3. It’s just safe practice to have an inventory of your valuable and this APP totally takes the tedious out of this task.

BUBBLE LEVEL (Android) or iHANDY (iPhone)Moving APPS

Who needs a level when you have a Smartphone? These APPS allow you to hang photos or check to see if an item is level just by setting your phone up to it. Chances are during moving day that dang level may not be exactly where you left it, but I’m sure your phone is just a pocket away. Convenience for the win!


This APP is pretty genius for a new homeowner/renter. The Photomeasure Lite APP allows you to take a photo of a room(s) in your new place and track all of the dimensions of this room. All you have to do is add measurements of every aspect of this room and it will save to the photo. Now when you are out shopping for new furniture or accessories, you will know exactly what size items will fit in your new space. Thanks to this APP, you’ll never have that frustrating moment when you bring home a new piece of furniture that you love, just to find out that it is way too big for your space and it’s non-returnable.


The paint brand you love may determine which of these very similar APPS would work best for you. These APPS allow the user to take a photo of anything (literally) and the APP will color match all of the items in the photo to a specific paint color. This way, you can take the guesswork out of picking a paint color and will be able to get the look that you love immediately.


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This APP is more “just for fun”. This APP takes any photo and makes it into a watercolor piece of art for you to print and even frame! We love how images of homes look using this APP and think this is the perfect way to snap a photo of your old home & remember all of those memories as you move on to your new home. Simply take a photo on your Smartphone and plug it into the Waterlogue APP. When it’s time to hang art in your new place, all you have to do is print this gorgeous watercolor print out and add it to your new decor. Possibly even next to a watercolor of your new home sweet home? #Giftidea <– on a new homeowner’s budget!


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